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We are accepting applications for the next academic session starting on 31st Jan 2018 at B-11,IMM BUILDING .QUTAB INSTITUTIONAL AREA NEW DELHI-110016. 1. No of seats:  We have 15 seats after 10+2 & 15 seats after graduation for any course to be filled on interview basis for Indian students.

2. Eligibility criteria: Diploma After 10+2 / P.G diploma after Graduation.
There is no minimum percentage required to apply. We offer film related  course after 10+2 as well as after graduation.

The main  difference will be in terms of additional classes on soft skills which will be offered to 10+2 passing out students . If you are 10+2 and join this course your diploma will say “Diploma in Acting and Modeling  ” and if you are graduate it would be called “P.G. Diploma in Acting and Modeling  . ” The course content and class room remains same. Students who are appearing for their 12th/ final year exam of graduation can also apply.

3. Selection criteria: Interview:  The admission to all the courses is given on “personal interview” basis. Interview will be conducted in CRAFT premise in delhi. 

4. How to apply: The application form is available on our website ( for applying on line/ downloading. If you are applying online you need to pay Rs 1,000/- by Debit Card .

You can also download application form from this website and send us with the bank draft of Rs 1,000/- to be made from any bank in the favor of “center for research in art of film and television” payable at Delhi. If you are coming personally to CRAFT you can also pay cash. 

5. Last Date to apply :  The admission to all the courses is given on interview basis to be conducted on 23rd October ( for which last date to apply is 3rd Oct ) and 18th Nov (for which last date to apply is 1st Nov) Interview Results will be declared with 10- days of the interview date . The selected candidates are required to submit the fee Full or half within 15-days from his date of declaration of the result . The students who are given the Waiting list status, will be declare on 25th Jan 2018.

6. How to prepare for interview:  The main intention of the interview board is to see whether the student is really passionate about the field of study he/she has applied for. For more details pl refer the attachment on how to prepare for interview

7. Hostel facilities: We don’t have a hostel, but we help u to find economical accommodation near the institute. Generally room cost between Rs. 4000-4500/- per month which on sharing basis will cost around Rs. 2,000/- 2500 per month. There is food joint near CRAFT where most of the students have their lunch and dinner.
For girl candidates we help in finding P.G accommodation which cost around Rs 3500/-per month. Food is separate and there is Tiffin arrangement available.

8. Class timing: “LEARN BY DOING “is the main philosophy of the Center. Classes take place from 2:00-5:00 pm with 30 min tea break 5, days in aweek.

9. Course Fee:

The total fee in lump sum mode is Rs.65, 000/. In installment method it becomes
Rs.70, 000/. The first installment is 50% of the total fee at the time of submitting the admission form.
1) 25% as the 2nd installment has to be paid after one month from the date of commencement of the session. 
2) Balance 25% as the 3rd installment has to be paid in the 2nd month from the commencement of the session.

10. Course Duration: acting is a 6-months course. Wherein you get video portfolio and still portfolio free.

11. CRAFT’s Legal Status and Its Affiliation: CRAFT is registered as nonprofit making public charitable trust with sub-Registrar in Delhi Govt. and offer autonomous Diploma courses. CRAFT was established on 6th March 2006 and it is our 6th year of operation.

Degree / Diploma / Certificate / AICTE approved, affiliated etc.
In this country no university offers the “bachelor or master degree in acting/ or any other specialization media courses like direction, event mgmt, editing…..etc”. 

Nor do the AICTE give any accreditation for any such specialized media courses. In fact AICTE do not even understand the media courses and hence no P.G college / institute offer the degree program. All private / non government institutions (like CRAFT) offer one year diploma programs. If you honestly ask, in the media industry nobody is concerned about your degree/ diploma/certificate. What they are looking at is your capability as event management/ director/cinematographer/ editor, your overall smart personality, good communication skills and understanding of your profession you have chosen.

13. Bank Loan Provision:
We do not have any tie up with the any bank but if you can get the loan, we can issue any letter required from our end.

14. Management quota  seats   :-There are 4- management quota seats available in each course in which one can seek direct admission without interview. One has to pay additional Rs 20,000/-(rupees twenty thousand for blocking the seat) besides regular fee.



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julia robert

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salma Hayek

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Section 1: Full time - 6-months course:

Jhilmil Hazariak Video on acting Video Preview

Jhilmil Hazariak Video on acting

Course Overview:

Course Overview: There are so many actors who never in their lifetime went to any of the acting institutes but still made it big. Looking at them, a thought that crosses everyone’s mind is “Then why do I need a ‘formal acting course’?”

Can an actor be trained? ?Rajpal Yadav, Raguvir Yadav, Naseerudin Shah, Om puri ,Yashpal Sharma and many more are examples of ‘man next door’ making it-big. All of them were neither academically brilliant nor had good looks.

They came from small towns with no connections in film business, but they all received training from acting institutes.?Most aspiring actors, like you, have participated in college plays, or performed with local theater groups for creative satisfaction. And now when you are “keen” to turn this hobby into a profession, you may have a few doubts about your acting abilities and you might not have the confidence to perform a variety of characters.  Here comes the need of an acting institute: to provide formal training. Our acting institute would give you that confidence that is the key to success in any profession!

You must be wondering how one can gain this confidence? Well, you already have one important virtue called “determination”. That means you are not just inclined to learn acting but are “Determined” to be an actor and that is why you are reading these lines. If you have this seed of “Determination” to learn acting, our acting institute,   which provides professional training program, will equip you to gain the required confidence. In CRAFT WORKSHOPS, you will test, through various exercises, your existing acting abilities. You will not only improve those but our professional instructors will work with you to develop new ones, which are essential to be a successful actor.

As you already possess the passion for performing and enjoy entertaining others, our acting institute will nurture your creative instincts, innate talent, and intellectual capacity to perform.??Modeling is another aspect of acting ability. In still / TV ads, you have to emote for a brief time till an emotion is captured by the camera. Gone are the days when you have to be chocolate looking handsome boy or girl. Today, we see many ads in which a ‘character’ is required rather than just good looks. Physical appearance, such as possessing the right size, weight, or features, often is a deciding factor in being selected for particular roles.

We will develop your acting talent, help you gain experience and business acumen which are important determinants of success for acting and modeling and that is what our acting institute offers.??

Plcement Support

Placemnet Support : Our training will help you:

1. To understand various character roles and how to enact them in front of the camera.

2. To be able to understand a variety of emotions and how to portray them.?

3. To prepare for auditions of various roles.?

4. To develop your stamina to deliver high performance in lengthy dialogues situations.?

5. To improve your diction of Hindi dialogues.?

6. To master various techniques of acting like method acting etc.

7. To understand various technical basics that an actor should know to act better as Film is a technical medium.?

8. To develop a sound body and a healthy mind through meditation and other techniques.??

Placement?Employment for an actor is growing fast.

Today an actor can find work in a variety of productions like becoming a Talk Show Host or an Anchor Person; perform in Music Videos, TV shows or do Character roles in Feature films.


Section 2: Short Term 3-months course:

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Section 3: Part Time Sunday Prog:

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  • Seats : 30 : Fee Rs 65,000/-
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Intreview : 23rd Oct & 18th Nov
  • Helpline: 9899251133/ 44/55
  • Sesstion Starts: 31st Jan 2018