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 YouTube film making Course.

We are accepting applications forms for the Course  for the next academic session starting on 16th Aug 2021 at B-11,IMM Building Qutab Institutional Area .New Delhi-110016.

Who Students Should Join this Course ?  
Companies are spending millions of dollars for their audiovisual presence in market. In the changing times, more competitive environment means more capable individuals working in the company. Before being hired by a company for its management, your CV is scanned thoroughly.

  • Any additional qualification, particularly if it is a technical skill, would give you an edge over others in the interview as companies are looking for candidates who have multitasking capabilities. 
  • Once you join a corporate house, you may be organizing conferences, product launch functions, participating in company expo etc. Photography & Videography is something which is required at all these occasions. A single image can say a lot but video can even explain it further. With an unrivalled approach to hands-on, interactive learning, this 21 days crash course will enhance your skills in the domain of audiovisual and it will be mutually beneficial for you and your company. 
  • This program is designed in such a way that its 40% theoretical part sets the background on the topic and 60% practical knowledge about the craft of video making . It also familiarizes you with all the aesthetic aspects to appreciate video which is a part of bigger canvas called Cinema. 
  • At any given time or in case of an emergency, you can shoot and edit and make a small video for any occasion for your company.
  • Last but not the least; you would be acquiring a professional skill to make any kind of video for your own satisfaction or for your own YouTube channel!

1. No of Seats:  We have 5 seats  to be filled on interview basis for Indian students.

2. Selection criteria: : The selection of the applicants is done on an interview basis. The interview date is 22nd Jan 2021. Results are declared within 10 days. Selected candidates will submit the full fee or half fees within 15 days from the date of declaration of the result. The students in the waiting list will be declared on 5th March 2021, if required.

3. How to apply: You need to  apply online  from the website and pay Rs 1,000/- by Debit /Credit Card / ATM card / Net banking transfer as application fee . If you are coming personally to CRAFT you can also pay cash.

4. Last date to apply:

We are accepting applications for the interviews to be held on 22nd Jan 2021. The last date to apply is 20th Jan 2021
Another round of Interviews to be held on 16th Feb 2021.For which the last date to apply will be 14th feb 2021.

5.We have allocated 10 Points for overall performance. Sincerity score: 2 points | Academic Record: 2 points | Portfolio: 2 points | Interview Performance: 4 points. Candidate needs to score a minimum of 7 points to qualify for admission in CRAFT. Hence if you are making an inquiry today, you need to apply within 4 Days to gain Sincerity score of 2 points- which will qualify you as “Sincere Candidate”.

6. How to prepare for interview:  The main intention of the interview board is to see whether the student is really passionate about the field of study he/she has applied for.

7. Hostel facilities: We don’t have a hostel, but we help u to find economical accommodation near the institute. Generally room cost between Rs. 5000- 6000/- per month which on sharing basis will cost around Rs. 3,000/-per month. There is food joint near CRAFT where most of the students have their lunch and dinner.

For girl candidates we help in finding P.G accommodation which cost around Rs 5000/-per month. Food is separate and there is Tiffin arrangement available.

8. Class Timing:  Teaching plan:

 First two month teaching plan :

10:00  :  1:00  pm   ............    editing +

 2:00  :     5:00 pm ..................Cinematography

For 2-Months there would be Camera and Editing Classes from 10.oo am to 1.00 pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm , 5 days in a week .

3rd month teaching plan :

Documentary lectures on scripting :

Week -1

3 - days classes of  2 hr each. On hand held camera-Gimbals

2-days sound recording excusive on location sound

Week -2

3 - days classes of  2 hr each. On hand held camera-Gimbals 2-days sound recording excusive on location sound- cleaning and effects track laying

Week -3:

3-days 2.5 hr each -workshop on location sound recoding for documentary film making by Shivdas , location sound expert.

Week -4:

#  SEO- CLASSES ON : How To Promote Video On You Tube.

#  You Tube Film making project schedule of  12-days plan:

No of shooting days : 5

No of Editing days : 5 (  8-hr each day )

No of Sound studio post Production  : 2 (  4-hr each day )

Final Sound Mixing & editing output: 1-day : 8 hrs.

9. 6 month Course Fee:  The total fee in lump sum mode is Rs.1,95, 000/. In installment method it becomes. Rs.2,00, 000/. The first installment is 50% of the total fee at the time of submitting the admission form.

3 month Course Fee:  The total fee in lump sum mode is Rs. 95, 000/. In installment method it becomes. Rs.1,00, 000/. The first installment is 50% of the total fee at the time of submitting the admission form.

1) 25% as the 2nd installment has to be paid on 16th Oct 2021.                                                                                                                                                            

2) Balance 25% as the 3rd installment has to be paid on 16th Nov  2021.

10. Course Duration: 3-months .

11. CRAFT’s Legal Status and Its Affiliation: CRAFT is registered as nonprofit making public charitable trust with sub-Registrar in Delhi Govt. and offer autonomous Diploma courses. CRAFT was established on 6th March 2006 and it is our 11th year of operation.

12. AICTE Approval. Degree / Diploma / Certificate / AICTE approved, affiliated etc. In this country no any  university offers the “Bachelor or Master Degree in cinematography . AICTE do not give any accreditation for any such specialized media courses. All private / non government institutions (like CRAFT) offer one year diploma programs. If you honestly ask, in the media industry nobody is concerned about your degree/ diploma/certificate. What they are looking at is your capability as event management/ director/cinematographer/ editor, your overall smart personality, good communication skills and understanding of your profession you have chosen.

13. Bank Loan Provision: We do not have any tie up with the any bank but if you can get the loan, we can issue any letter required from our end.

14. Management Quota Seats :-There are 4- management quota seats available in each course in which one can seek direct admission without interview. One has to pay additional Rs 20,000/-(rupees twenty thousand for blocking the seat) besides regular fee.

Help line no: 24x7.

Cell: 9899251133 / 44 / 55

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  • Seats : 5 |
  • Duration: 3 month
  • Intreview : 22nd Jan & 16th Feb 2021
  • Helpline: 9899251133/ 44 /55
  • Sesstion Starts: 15th March 2021

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