Audio engineering colleges in India

Jun 05, 2018 Written by Ayushi Sound Recording Softwares


Audio engineering colleges in India

The music industry is alive and thriving here in India, with everything from film, regional, classical to electronic dance music finding an audience in the country and around the world. India has always had a rich and traditional music industry. However, diversity is the driving force behind the music scene today. Everything – from classical and ghazal to rap and rock – has its space in our nation, and things are only getting better. There is no lack of artists out there, looking to hone their craft and create the best output of their talents, something that only an audio engineer can help accomplish.

Films, television, and documentaries are all audio-visual mediums and rely on sound engineering. Without the sound, the cinematic experience is one that feels handicapped and lacking. It is not just dialogue or music, but a whole lot of critical auditory components that can make or break a motion picture’s success.

If anyone wants to learn how an audio engineer works can join any Audio Engineering Colleges in India.

The audio engineering colleges in India with sound engineering are the foremost audio engineering course in India. It provides students with a practical-focused approach, and through our comprehensive audio engineering degree courses in India, you can receive all the theoretical knowledge and hands-on training to be a resounding success in this field.

Right in the beating heart of the film and television industry, audio engineering colleges in India ranks among the best sound engineering colleges in India. With comprehensive audio engineering courses in India designed in association with industry experts, our programs ensure our student's success when they transition from the classroom to the audio engineering studios.

We have listed for the various courses in sound recording and editing offered by these engineering colleges in India. These listed institutes provide courses that thumb equal emphasis to classroom training and practical exposure which is an important part of pursuing such courses. Find all the information you may need about these college’s right from admission to placement.

  1. IIT Kharagpur

    Course:- M.Tech in Media and Sound Engineering

    2) ZEE Institute Of Media Arts (ZIMA) Mumbai

    Course:- Sound Engineering - 9 months

    3) National Institute of Film and Fine Arts NIFFA, Kolkata

    Course:- Certificate in Sound Recording and Editing

    4) Government Film & Television Institute in Bangalore

    Course:- 3-year Diploma in Sound Recording & Engg.

             5) CRAFT Film School

             Course: - 1-year Diploma in Sound Recording and Audio Engg.