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Q- What are the eligibility criteria for MBA in Event Management? 

Q- Name some Best Colleges for Event Management?

Q- What is Future of Event Management?

Shortage of time is an important reason for the popularity for event management services. People don’t have enough time to manage their functions themselves, so they prefer to hire such companies.

Q- Colleges offering Event Management diploma courses?

St. Joseph College for Women (Vishakhapatnam)

Amity Institute of Event Management (New Delhi)

Atharva School of Business (Mumbai)

Q- Is there any college offers Event Management Course online?

Q- What is Scope of Event Management in India?

 Scope of Event Management in India has grown in size not just       by the number of events around the year but has also, created multiple   job opportunities which have benefited the masses.

Q- Does National Institute of Event Management offers diploma in Event Management?

Diploma in Event Management (Eligibility criteria 10+2)

Post- Graduate Diploma in Event Management (Eligibility criteria candidates completed graduation from a renowned college or are in the final year of college)

Q- What is Exhibition Event Management?

Exhibition Event Management Work activities include

Q- Is International Institute of Event Management a renowned college? 

Q- List some colleges offering Masters in Event Management?

Q- Mention some best event management colleges?

Q- Can I get list of Colleges offering Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management?

·EMDI Institute of Media and Communication

Q- What are the steps to be followed for becoming an Event Planner?

Q- Are Public Relations and Event Management interrelated?

Public relations can effectively generate ticket sales and attendance, secure sponsors and advertisers, create a buzz of excitement and public awareness, and encourage media to attend and/or cover the event. Before launch of a PR blitz, think about your goals and objectives for the event and the target audiences you want to reach. Keep them in mind as you outline your strategy and tactical activities for achieving them. Remember Public relations for event planning can make the difference between a good event and a great event. Hence Public Relations and Event Management are interrelated.

Q- List some colleges offering Event Management short term courses?

Q- Why Event Management has a scope in India?

Q- Mention some colleges offering MBA in Event Management in India?

Amity School of Communication

National Institute of Event Management

Institute of Mass Communication, Film and Television Studies

International Media Institute, Gurgaon

Q- What is Event Management syllabus for MBA?  

Topics that will be covered in the programme-

Some of the possible career options for Event Managers are-

  1. An event planner
  2. A business development manager
  3. A public relations officer
  4. A wedding planner
  5. An account manager
  6. A client servicing manager
  7. A brand manager
  8. An artist manager
  9. A corporate communications specialist

A qualified student with 2 years of work experience and some useful personal contacts can also set up his own business. Event Managers are also required in NGOs, advertising agencies and government agencies. Wizcraft, DNA Entertainment Networks, Percept D Mark are some of the top event management companies in India.

Q-Which type of programmes are covered by Event Management Certification?

·Event Planning Association Certifications

·Online Event Planning Courses/Certificates

·Local College/University Courses/Certificates


Q- Is there any college named Indian Institute of Event Management?

Q- Mention some colleges offering Event Management Courses in India?

A- Colleges offering Event Management Courses in India are-

Q- What is Scope of Event Management?

A- Event management is a glamorous and thrilling profession. It demands a lot of hard work and effort. There is an enormous scope of Event Management and it is a good career option which offers a lot of independence and flexibility. If you have a passion for conducting events, having good organizing ability and are flexible to work for long hours, then there is a lot of scope and you can make a successful career in this field.

Q- List some Event Management colleges in India?

A- Some colleges Event Management colleges in India are-

National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD)

Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development

EMDI Institute of Media & Communication


Q- Mention some Event Management Institute?

A- Some Event Managemnent Institute are- 

Q- Is there any college offering Event Planning Course?

A- Yes, Pearl Academy offers Event Planning Course. This program would enable students to sharpen their skills of Sponsorship Management, Budgeting, Vendor Management, and Sustainability in Events industry. In current economic scenario, Events industry is referred to as a sunrise industry due to its tremendous growth rate. This program would add on professional skills by improving Time Management, Project Management with respect to Events industry.