Best script writing courses in India

Jun 05, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola creative writing institutes



Best script writing courses in India


Screenwriting is a craft. Talent of creative writing alone is not enough. An understanding of all the technical aspects of filmmaking is the foremost requirement to study and practice Screenwriting.


India is getting more and more open towards courses like filmmaking, scriptwriting, creative writing etc. Many colleges and film schools have various programs. Most of the colleges in India provide with one-year diploma or 3 month certificate course. Very few colleges offer Bachelors degree and masters degree in scriptwriting.


Many people first do bachelors in other media courses or other fields and then do a 1-year diploma course in scriptwriting. Many people first study English literature and then pursue diploma in script writing.


Some of the top colleges for films and mass media provide various courses in scriptwriting.


  1. Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) | Erandwana, Pune provides Post Graduate Certificate in Feature Film Screenplay Writing
  2. National Academy of Media and Events, Kolkata offers Certification in Script Writing and Copy Writing.
  3. FA School of Media & Films | Andheri West, Mumbai offers Diploma in Script Writing.
  4. Craft Film School, Delhi offers creative writing course
  5. Whistling woods international, Mumbai offers B.A in screenwriting


These are just few colleges mentioned, many more colleges in India today offer scriptwriting courses in their colleges.


A degree in script writing helps an individual to not only harness their own imagination and experience’s but it also teaches them the things that are expected out of them in the industry. They will learn how to work with other people and also a degree will help add on to their own experience, which will only be a advantage to them in their career. 


Though many people start their career straight without a degree and plan to learn on the job, but a job like scriptwriting can only get better when one has at least a few basics about the industry clear before he/she enter the industry. Here they can take risk, make contacts and all this shall be of advantage to them when working as a scriptwriter.