May 31, 2018 Written by PA Famous Radio Jockey



The perception about the radio has now changed. Earlier, Indian radio personalities were simply pointed as Radio Announcers but over the time of the last ten years, being a successful "radio jockey" (RJ) is treated no less than achieving celebrity status. And so, there has come about an emergence of dozens of certificate course in RJ.

RJ knows how to inform, update and entertain. Their work involves presenting various music programmes and entertaining the audience through other elements like talking and taking interviews of guests - musicians, artists and well known people either related to the music/film profession or even otherwise They even provide commentaries related to a music  and manage requests of listeners.

Having a degree in any field plays a major role in moving forward in your career. A number of colleges also offer courses in communication and broadcasting which can extend from two months up to a year.

Although, there are hardly any specialized  certificate courses in RJ. You could look at CRAFT Film School as a good training institute.

The students will go through a 3 month certificate course in RJ. The fee structure is comparatively lighter than the other institute which is Rs. 25,000/- and the classes will be held during the part time of Saturday and Sunday.

Very limited colleges have included in RJ courses in the subjects they offer to the students. CRAFT is one of the best institute for having the certificate course in RJ where you will have best of the theoretical knowledge as well as hand-on trainings .

What matters the most in this career path is, of course, your voice. Your pronunciation and diction should be clear. You need to know how to pitch and modulate your voice. So, If you are interested in the field, this can be a great start to a  successful career.