Cinematography colleges in India

Jun 04, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola Cinematography Appreciation


Cinematography colleges in India



Cinematography is a work of artistic visualization of the story in cinema using camera, light and sound with movements. During the early production of the motion pictures, understanding of cinematography was very limited. Since there were limited technical resources, the film makers had to work within the available applications. The process of film making became more sophisticated with the growing knowledge in film making, by adopting novel ideas and technology with high end devices


In recent times Cinematography courses in India have been in great demand. Large number of people are looking to get admission in this course. People are getting more aware of courses like this and enrolling their children for admission in various film schools and colleges that provide Cinematography as course all over the country.


Cinematography Colleges in India today provide in-depth foundation in digital video production, right from principles, history, understanding video and cinematography, tools, lighting and light equipment, audio, editing, video storytelling, documentary, advanced editing, filming events, ad and corporate films, color management and video enhancement, etc.


More and more institutions are opening, that are providing courses such as cinematography. Cinematography is one of the best career options. The cinematography courses are generally available in Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma or Certificate courses. These courses are an opportunity for the students to learn about the fundamental tools of cinematography such as lensing and light and enable them for basic level shooting. Students of these courses will have more chances to explore themselves on various digital cameras, which have been creating a revolution in film industry nowadays. The cinematography leads to creative integration with the direction, which enables the unique process in filmmaking.


Few of the top Cinematography Colleges in India are- Film and Television Institute of India, Zee institute of media arts, Craft Film School, Delhi Film School, Whistling Woods International, Satyajit ray films & Television institute.


These colleges provide various cinematography courses in their colleges. Diploma and certificate courses are common but many colleges also provide undergraduate degree in cinematography and very few colleges also have post graduation program in their college.


Cinematography is a professional course and has a lot of practical aspect to it. Students get a lot of opportunities to attend workshops, guest lectures during their course. Students are not only taught to use camera and lights but they are also taught how to work with other professionals.

Most colleges have internship program which means student go and work with various directors, film companies and learn how the professional setup of the industry works.

Cinematography colleges in India are at a rise, which means more opportunities for people who wish to work in the industry and learn about the subject. Colleges are taking a more practicle approach and teaching students not only the traditional ways but also modern ways of cinematography so that students are aware of the old and the new ways and can apply it to work when needed.