Classes on Video Editing

Jun 11, 2018 Written by Ayushi FCP Tutorials


Classes on Video Editing


Begin your Journey to becoming an international standard program editor, film editor or commercial adverts editor. Learn the rules of editing and both the traditional and new age tricks and tips of editing using modern editing software such as final cut pro and Adobe premiere. This classes on video editing is purely a live project training that includes team projects, assignments, seminars, workshops, and a showreel development. Job placement assistance is also one of the many benefits of taking this nonlinear editing course.

If you’re interested in learning the basics classes on video editing, I have a course that is perfect for you. Video Editing was actually the first online course that I ever recorded. At my current full-time job, I had to research online education.

So what is this classes for video editing all about?

I go through all the basics of video editing from the program layout to the final export.

Each lesson is a screencast/video mashup where you can easily follow along with everything I’m talking about.

Each chapter is broken up into lessons on specific topics. So each lesson is approximately 5-10 minutes long, easy to watch when you have a free moment.

I teach the course in Final Cut Pro 7, so it would be easiest to follow if you are using that program. But if you are using something else like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X, you will still learn a lot. I tried to teach more about the overarching skills than the specifics of doing it in Final Cut Pro 7. That being said, I go into detail for each lesson so you get a good grasp on all topics.

Students who opt for the advanced course (six months long) will get a basic knowledge of FCP, Avid Xpress, Adobe Premier as well as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. After completion of these courses, students will be provided internship in media houses to work on live projects.

Students willing to learn Video Editing can join classes on video editing. Those who are in any part of India with the passion for films and are serious about film editing can be with us. We take you on a journey to the glittering world of glamour, Imagination, talent, and creativity.