Creative Writing Classes

May 18, 2018 Written by Ayushi creative writing tutorials


Creative Writing Classes

Creative Writing as the name suggests requires a lot of thinking and creativity. To write something original requires two things:-

  1. Writing Skills and good hold over the respective language.
  2.  Creativity 

To write a good piece which is full of original ideas and which also reads beautifully requires a fair amount of time. Many editorials in newspapers are such. 

Creative writing has various applications in different fields:-
1. As a journalist when you are doing a feature article.
2. Blogging, novel writing.
3. At high corporate levels when you are presenting your ideas to company bigwigs.

In the end, it is for you to decide what kind of writing you wish to take up. It may be writing short paragraphs, short stories or even a full-blown novel. 

If you are just interested in BRUSHING UP your creative writing then I would recommend you to take up creative writing classes.

Creative writing classes will help you to understand thing regarding screenplay, poetry etc. in a much better way. You can take creative writing classes from any institute that teaches language or have a special writing course.