Depth Of field

Apr 04, 2018 Written by Raman singh Depth Of Field


                                              Depth Of Field

1 A common term in photography, depth of field is important to consider when creating any photograph.

2 It is used at varying degrees to place either everything in the image into a sharp focus or to narrow the focus and highlight a subject, allowing other elements to be blurry.

3 Photographers use depth of field to create certain effects and draw the viewer's attention to particular elements of the scene.

4 It is important to understand how the aperture setting on your camera, the focal length of the lens, and the distance of your subject affects a photograph's depth of field

5 Depth of field is the amount of your image before and beyond your focus point that will be in focus.

6 You should understand what depth of field is because it will tell you whether or not your subject and background can be sharply focused at the same time

7 Depth of field is determined by three primary factors Aperture/Fstop,lens,Subject Distance

8 While the camera can actually only focus on one tiny point in space, the depth of field determines how much of the image is in "acceptable focus" to the human eye.

9 In subjects such as landscapes, a large depth of field is often desired so that the entire scene appears to be in focus.

10 In subjects such as portraits, a small depth of field is often used to blur the background and reduce distractions from the main subject of the image.