Apr 04, 2018 Written by pratik srivastava Depth Of Field


                                                    Depth of field

1.Depth of field is an important concept for cinematographers and camera operators to master because they often need to manipulate focus to achieve a desired effect. ... Depth of field can be either shallow or deep. Shallow depth of field is the kind in which part of the frame is soft or out of focus.

2.Using a narrow Depth of Field in a portrait to separate the subject from its background.

3Using a narrow Depth of Field to de clutter a background and focus on the foreground of an image.

4.Using a wide Depth of Field in landscape shots to ensure everything is in focus.

5.Using a wide Depth of Field when shooting through a frame to insure both the frame and the subject are in focus.

6.The focus barrel in your lens increases exponentially. Each lens is different, but take this example of a 50mm lens below. If we imagine the Depth of Field as being a fixed width on this exponential scale we can see that the further towards infinity, the larger the Depth of Field will become, without changing the aperture or focal length of your lens.

To increase your Depth of Field (make a larger Depth of Field, make more of your image in focus):

7.Use a smaller aperture (higher number) eg. f/16 or f/22

*Use a wide angle lens. Eg. 14mm or 24mm

*Have your subject further away from your camera.

8.Shallow depth of field is used primarily to isolate the subject from its environment, and it is used a lot in portrait work, macro photography, and sports photography. Deep or Large Depth of Field. When the aperture is small (ex. f/16), the image has a deep or large depth of field.

9.The f-stops work as inverse values, such that a small f/number (say f/2.8) corresponds to a larger or wider aperture size, which results in a shallow depth of field; conversely a large f/number (say f/16) results in a smaller or narrower aperture size and therefore a deeper depth of field.

10.Wide Angle Lens (Short F.L.) = Great DOF

Telephoto Lens (Long F.L.) = Shallow DOF

Wide Angle Lens (Short F.L.) = Great DOF

Telephoto Lens (Long F.L.) = Shallow DOF