Diploma in Video Editing

Jun 11, 2018 Written by Ayushi Dialogue Editing


Diploma in Video Editing

The Video Editor is a (story) builder. He not only interprets a story in his own way but also 'creates' something that was not visualized at the time of writing and shooting the Film. The knowledge of Video Editing is most important for maintaining technical harmony in the Editing. This career has plenty of job opportunities with TV studios and News Channels. Diploma in video editing helps students to get essential knowledge about Linear Editing to develop Editing sense and full practice on Non-Linear Editing, special effects. All theory lectures are followed by practical’s in studio and Editing on Computer. Students learn all aspects of the computer from the basic level and practice to become the confident video editor.

The Diploma c in Video Editing and VFX is an online course in video editing which enables budding video editors or individuals with a keen interest to do video editing & VFX in a structured manner.

With the rising scope of editors in the production houses, multimedia companies, and studios this course is an excellent option for individuals with a keen interest in audio, special effect and videography.

Diploma in video editing course provides the institute with the high standard course for professional video editing, compositing, motion graphics, and video compression used by the professionals all over the world. The immense potential of Final Cut Pro (FCP) has no parallel in the editing industry. Diploma in video editing encompasses technical expertise, aesthetics and workflow knowledge. This Apple FCP course is capable to move students from having no knowledge to advanced industry-level expertise in a very short span of time.

Becoming a skilled Final Cut Studio Master is a challenge. All-around skills are highly respected in the video editing industry. That's why we have developed this certificate course in Apple FCP Film & Video Editing. Diploma in video editing is a faster and more job-centric training course to those who want to work in Final Cut Pro or FCP.

Prerequisites to Join Apple FCP Video Editing Course

Familiarity with Mac OS, Photoshop, and knowledge of video editing terminologies will be an added advantage in learning FCP course completely.