Documentary Film Making Course

Jun 06, 2018 Written by Ayushi documentary film workshop


Documentary Film Making Course

Documentary filmmaking course is an intensive program that combines in-class instruction and hands-on production workshops where students put into practice what they learn in the classroom.

During the first two weeks, students learn the fundamental tools of documentary filmmaking. Classes include Producing, Directing, Camera, Lighting, Sound Recording, and Editing. Students apply what they learn by creating two-minute individual observational films, and by producing two short group projects in production workshops under the guidance of their instructors. Following production and post-production of each project, students screen their work with their classmates and instructors and engage in critiques and discussion.

Throughout the session, each student devotes time to developing and pre-producing his/her final documentary in and outside the classroom—a film of up to eight minutes in length with at least two tracks of sound. Students crew on their classmates' documentary films. Projects are edited using digital editing software.

Significant Production and Post-production hours outside of class time are necessary to successfully complete the workshop. The Academy recognizes, as should the students, that these hours will vary from student to student, depending on the scope of each project.

Documentary filmmaking course Objective

The educational objectives of the –Documentary Filmmaking course, Focus Certificate Workshop are to teach students the art and craft of Documentary Filmmaking and to instruct students through a strict regimen consisting of lectures, seminars, hands-on workshops, and supervised editing to excel in the creative art of documentary storytelling

If you’re passionate about Documentary film and TV, this course will bring that ambition to life by training you in the practical knowledge needed to create an engaging story for the screen.

From conception to final edit, our students go on to create short documentary pieces which showcase their newly acquired technical skill set in creating professional content for the screen.   Ultimately we are hoping to launch the careers of the documentary filmmakers of tomorrow.

Documentary Filmmaking Course is an intensive programme in the skills needed to become a confident self-shooter and self-editor. Taught by an industry-professional experienced documentary filmmaker, the programme provides essential training in the use of professional cameras and industry-standard editing software.

Students are given a background in the history of documentary and will review examples of successful documentaries to better understand the marketplace today. Students will research, write, produce and edit their own short film under the guidance of an industry-professional tutor.

Graduates go on to make their own documentaries which have screened on TV and at festivals or set up their own production companies to create content for clients.