Documentary film making courses

Jun 06, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola Documentary film making Institutes


Documentary film making courses


For students with little or no documentary filmmaking experience, Documentary film making courses provides a comprehensive and in depth study of the subject. They teach not only how to research the subject, write a documentary script, operate camera or edit a film; but also teach how all the aspects of filmmaking relate to, interact with, and depend upon each other.

Many film schools across India offer Documentary film making courses in their institution, few of these institutions are – Craft Film School, Delhi, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, University of Mumbai, Fort Campus and many more.

Film schools and colleges offer undergraduate and post graduate diploma degree and also have short-term courses in document filmmaking.

They get the opportunity to study under industry professionals who guide them through the process of documentary filmmaking.

How filmmaking and documentary filmmaking are different and similar at the same time are taught to the students when they pursue this course.

Researching “the story”, producing and conceptualizing, scriptwriting, defining your audience and finding your key team, Pitching, Budgeting: considering crew size, camera format, sound set-up, length of shoot and postproduction, Production: from viewing and logging footage to producing a finished film ready for distribution, Key paperwork and example documents including: treatments, release forms, schedules and permissions, Directing, Post-production: case studies are used to explain different production strategies, Exhibition, distribution and broadcast strategies are included in Documentary Film Making Courses

Students are asked shoot, record sound, edit and direct their own film. They will learn to respond to an undirected actuality and structure their footage into a compelling film. Documentary filmmaking is a practical course and students put all the technical aspects into their work and use is it practically.

Documentary Filmmaking Courses offers an opportunity to dive right in to this cutting-edge art form through hands-on experience in documentary filmmaking.