FCP Institute In Delhi

Jun 11, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola FCP Tutorials


Final Cut Pro or FCP Is a Professional Non-Linear Editing System developed by APPLE INC. That has found popularity amongst independent filmmakers and professional filmmakers. There are many FCP institutes in Delhi.


Few of the FCP institutes in Delhi are- Arena Animation, ADMEC MULTIMEDIA- has various small institutions offering DCP course, RK films and media academy.

These institutions provide short-term courses in final cut pro. The duration of these courses vary between 2 to 3 months. Most of the institution has 2 hours class once or twice a week. There is classroom and online setup for this course.


No previous knowledge of FCP X or any other application is required.

Working knowledge of Photoshop is must in few institutions and Prior working experience with Windows and Mac operating system would be beneficial.


FCP Institutes in Delhi teaches Understanding Clips, Media Files and Sequence, The Browser Window Elements, Capturing Footage, The Timeline and Canvas Windows, The Viewer Window Elements, Basic Editing In The Timeline, Tools Palette, Audio, Advanced Editing, Sub clips and Markers, High Definition, Transitions & Filters, Rendering & Real-time, Titles and Graphics, Color Correction, Key framing & Compositing, Output, Exporting & Finishing, Color correction, Export/output of finished products and Finishing.


Main aim of FCP institutes in Delhi is to teach students and keep them updated about the latest software that is being used in the industry. FCP is being used by all leading film editors, TV channel editors, news editors and everyone who has anything to do with editing. Final cut pro has replaced Adobe Photoshop in many ways. It allows all sought of editing and has various features beneficial for positive outcomes, due to which everyone is using FCP. This is one of the reasons more and more institutes are offering FCP course in their institution. Some of them are also taught when someone does editing course from an institution.


One who wishes to make a career in editing, especially at this point should have knowledge of Final Cut Pro x. It is a great advantage.