Film editing courses in India

Jun 11, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola Editing Institutes


Film Editing serves an interesting career for creative people in the media and entertainment industry. The entire process of making art, aesthetic in the visual media, lies in the technique of editing. There are many film editing courses in India. Film editing is the process of mainly re-arranging or modifying segments of video from one or more film tapes to form a refined and final film.

Film editing plays a key role in the postproduction process. The main task of the film editor is to edit soundtracks, film and video for the motion picture, cable and broadcast visual media industries. It is the film editor’s skill that determines the quality and delivery of the final product. 


The following institutions are a few which offer film editing courses in India – Film and Television Institute of India, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute: SRFTI, Chennai film school, Craft Film School, etc.


Film editing courses in India will teach you that a, Film editor has to have a high level of self-motivation, commitment and dedication to work. Creativity is the main factor for the success of a film editor. They need to have a keen eye for detail, a critical mind, and the ability to listen to others and to work well as part of a team. Imagination and technical skills are essential. General computer literacy and an aptitude for working with digital equipment to achieve results are also important. They should also have a general knowledge of cameras and digital camera technology. Film editors must always be alert and updated with their skills, as new and advanced technologies as invented day by day.


A college degree is not necessary for getting a job in the field of film editing. But a degree or diploma can increase the chance of getting a reputed job. One can enter into the field of film editing, after completing the video editing course, Film Editors work with the production personnel using advanced editing tools to analyze, evaluate, trim, arrange and join scenes according to guidelines set out by the producer or director of the project. In fact, film editors are the ones who decide what to stay and go in terms of the content of the finished video.


Film editing courses in India, are at a rise, more and more students are starting to opt for this course, people with passion towards movies and cinema are also going for this course.