Film story writing course

Jun 08, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola creative writing institutes



To make any film, one first needs a story, writing a story for a film is very different than usual writing. Film story writing course is essential for a person who wishes to

Write for films.


A film story is nothing but a verbal blue print of a proposed film which indicates the order of events in a story, its dialogues and also the visual treatment and style. Film Story is the basic backbone of all filmmaking. Film story writing course depends on learning-by-doing and students explore in depth the narrative short film format, from concept and character to dialogue.


Colleges that offer Film Story writing Course are - The Delhi School of Communication (Delhi), Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Institute of Creative Excellence, Craft Film School, Delhi, National Academy of Media and Events, Kolkata etc.


The duration of this course is 6 months in few colleges and 3 months in few colleges. Colleges provide a diploma degree once you are done with the course. There are many workshops that are held by colleges, individuals where people can interact with industry professionals and at times people also attend crash courses where they learn the basics.


This course focuses on understanding how storytelling in Film is different from other media, how to create cinematic characters, understanding the classical three-act structure of film, how to brainstorm and develop your story.


Students learn how to develop the story further using different tools of plotting, understanding the importance of structure in a film, and focusing on how scenes are created and how they come together to function as one organic whole.


Film Story writing course is a good course to study in todays time  The entertainment industry is growing day by day and everyday it requires new ideas, thoughts and concepts, There is lot of opportunity for those who can think and write creatively, as an: Writer for Films, In house film story writer for various production houses are needed.