How to become a scriptwriter

Jun 05, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola creative writing tutorials


How to become a scriptwriter


screenplay writer or a scriptwriter is a writer who practices the craft of screenwriting, writing screenplays on which filmstelevision programscomics  are based. Screenwriting is a freelance profession. There is no age bar for becoming a script writer, one is never too young and never too old to become a scriptwriter.

There are no hard and fast rule or steps on how to become a scriptwriter, but if one must write a few basic things that an individual who wishes to make a career in scriptwriting should keep in mind are as a follow -


For becoming a scriptwriter, one most importantly should have the habit of writing a lot. Individual should have a library of material. He/she should have at least 1- 2 finished scripts that they can show to the interested parties.

Start sending your work to film houses, media houses etc., but don’t expect to hear back all the time, but you never know when your destiny plans to smile on you.

Building a network of relationships, find like minded people around you connect and socialize, you will have abundance of contacts and meeting new people will help you grow as a person as, you get to hear and see different ideas and mindsets of other people.

Take some classes, though many people start their career without formal education but its always a plus to have a degree in hand and when you get the opportunity to work with professionals and teachers during your college days it adds to your personality.

Write professionally, no job is small or big especially in the beginning of your career, write for web series, ads, drama acts. Get your work out in the open for people to see, appreciate and criticize. With each script you write and showcase you will become better and better.

If one wishes to become a scriptwriter, they should always have a good command over the language they are writing and should know how to use the correct words. Their words are important as they should be capable enough to make a emotional connect with audience.