How to Become an Actor

May 18, 2018 Written by Ayushi Fashion Portfolio


How to Become an Actor


To become an actor, start by taking a local acting class or workshop to get an idea of what acting is like. If you like it, audition for a theatre production in your community. You can also enroll in acting workshops in Delhi at a college or university to improve your technique.


Study acting at a university or art academy. Though it's possible to do without this step, this is a pretty standard go-to option. Alternatively, you can join local acting workshops in Delhi. You'll get exposure to the pros, learn about techniques, and get automatic chances to work on a stage. For the more tangible stuff, you'll be building your resume, getting exposure and setting up a network. And your teachers will constantly be pushing you to do more, practically taking care of the motivation part for you.


Attend summer camps, acting workshops in Delhi or summer stock in your area. Some of these can be intensive enough that you'll learn months’ worth of material in a period of 2 to 3 weeks. You can be involved in multiple shows doing multiple things and possibly even get stipends for your work.

Audition for community theatre. This process can be a step above College Theatre if the theatre takes the productions seriously and has a decent budget. Winning a role in a community theatre production will put you in contact with others who are polishing their craft just like you and garner you more experience. You'll also get a better idea of where you stand in relation to the competition.

Hire an acting coach to iron out kinks in your technique. Your coach can give you the personal attention you need to tackle your weak spots as well as polish what you do well. Look for a coach with a lot of industry experience and connections.

Identify your strengths. Many "acting resumes" will require you to know what skills you have, such as accents, special abilities or impersonations. Expand these talents as much as you can so that you appeal to a wide range of casting calls.