how to get in to acting

Jun 01, 2018 Written by prashasti Acting Theory



Today there are a lot of aspiring actors are just struggling and are dealing with questions on how  to get in to acting. People who have keen interest and want to get in to acting are just wondering about doing what course would let them to be an actor.

We don't say this to discourage you. If you want to be a movie star, it's not impossible. Shoot for the moon! But be prepared to work for it, because there's no magic formula.

That being said, let's talk about how to get into acting!

What You Should Do


Also, reading plays is a great way to refuel your passion.

And by the way, taking an acting class doesn't have to cost you money. For example, find an acting studio and ask if you can volunteer in their office while you audit their classes.

Volunteer backstage. Local community theatres are always looking for volunteers to help with props, sets, costumes, and so on. Then, next time they hold auditions, come in and do a monologue.

What You Shouldn't Do

But you know better. It's costly, ineffective, and a waste of your time. Better to work on a monologue or audition song.

"Really good actors don't have to talk too much."

Armed with this new information, you know how to get into acting. So get out there, and let your passion drive you on to great success. Maybe someday you'll be telling others how to get into acting!