How to learn script writing

Jun 05, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola creative writing tutorials


How to learn script writing


A script can be an original piece, or based on a true story or previously written piece, like a novel, stage play or newspaper article. At its heart, its blueprint for the film, play, TV shows it will one day become. Professionals on the set including the producer, director, set designer and actors all translate the scriptwriter's vision using their individual talents. The script should reflect the writer's knowledge.


To learn scriptwriting one must enroll themselves into a scriptwriting courses and workshops. This will help them learn more about the industry they wish to work in and also will teach them how a proper and professional script is written. There are many film schools that focus on scriptwriting, one can learn a lot, its one thing to have passion and another thing to know about the technical aspect, which is as important as having passion.

A person who has interest in writing and want to become a scriptwriter should look for guidance and professional help because this will polish their skills and also help them understand what the industry looks for in a scriptwriter, what are their expectation out of a script.

If one wants to learn scriptwriting, they must constantly keep writing and have a lot of materiel in their hands, which they can use later for inspiration, or even work when needed. Practice of writing your experience helps you with ideas and inspiration. Choose you genres and write 2 to 3 scripts in that genre. Increase your base of knowledge, look around and see what is worth writing and write it down.


One should also read a lot of scriptwriting books. Read other people’s scripts, watch movies and TV shows look at the language and words that is used.

Tell your idea to friends and family and pitch it to strangers. You may not like getting feedback this early, but it can save a whole lot of trouble further down the road.

Make sure that you absolutely 100 percent LOVE your idea, because you’re going to need that passion to get through writing it.