Apr 10, 2020 Written by naresh sharma Acting School


To get admission into one of the premier schools for drama (i.e National School of Drama)[NSD] you need to have following qualities:

I mean this is the basic thing you should have if you want to pursue it further as a career. Once, one of my directors told us (my group) that whatever you want to convey to the audience it should overflow with your passion and involvement. So be passionate about your acting.

Obviously, this is a good school for learning theatre so their standards are also high. They want experienced students who must have done some plays under the guidance of Good directors ( participation in at least 6 theatre productions). You need to have some prior knowledge and experience about theatre and acting.

Other talents like playing a musical instrument, knowing the types and  working of the same really gives you an advantage over others ( a cherry on cake).

Now, this is what we need in every situation, as many rounds of workshops will be conducted at the time of selection procedure, they will analyze you during workshops how you handle everything and behave with your peers. Therefore, you have to be confident about yourself.

I think this one is the most important thing to be kept in mind while preparing because it will not only help you to crack the test but will help to provide a better and honest perspective about your own self which will help you later during workshops. Confidence will only come if you are aware of first yourself and second your surrounding and this can only be accomplished through self discovery. Believe me you will discover something awesome!