May 31, 2018 Written by PA Famous Radio Jockey



Radio Jockey has been there for almost a century, but since the arrival of FM channels the Radio Announcer suddenly known as Radio Jockey or RJ. These days a RJ not only plays a part of the wheelman but his/her main goal is to entertain the listeners and continuously  provide regular online information.

Every successful RJ has its own style of talking .  A sweet ,mid to heavy voice is considered appropriate for broadcasting but moreover its your own aptitude, your confidence,  your personality to deliver all of it through your voice. To learn radio jockey you should be fluent with your words but not monotonous as this may create boredom in your programme which will probably decrease the gravity of your show among the audiences. Now the style , expressions, content too has developed. Radio jockey is a fast progressing profession with more and more channels opening up in every possible city.

When you learn radio jockey you also learn how to bring variation and modulation which adds beauty to your voice.

Their professionalism, their relationship with listeners, the interactiveness, the way of speaking and so on. Also how they interact live with listeners, how do they tackle some awkward queries and comments from callers. You should be ready to face that and cover up in your style instantly by changing the topic or by playing a song or taking a break.


So if you want to make this as your profession which will be a booming career in your life then you must choose a credible institute and CRAFT Film School is one of the institution where you can learn radio jockey and have the hand on trainings as we have workshops where professional RJs are coming and giving the exact knowledge about the radio industry. The students will be undergoing a 3 month certificate course in RJ. The fee structure is Rs. 25,000 and the classes will be scheduled during the part time odf Saturday and Sunday. Learn Radio jockey and make your voice a voice for the mass!