Movie Acting Classes

Jun 08, 2018 Written by Ayushi NSD


Movie Acting Classes

Acting requires you to be at the top of your mind as well as physical level all the time. Acting demands a great sense of Timing, Characterization, Discipline, Fitness, and Observation.

In our movie acting classes, students will learn the performing art by taking aid from professional studio sets, lighting setups and camera information. The tenets of both voice and body language will be taught in detail with inputs of Music, Stunts and Film dance. We will also aim at enhancing the actor's spectrum of knowledge by teaching the application of makeup, and costumes.

The Movie acting classes are the one of its kind to be offered across India. Offered to students, apart from the basics of acting, the course will also focus on grooming, dance and stunt training, leading-role–centric dialogue-delivery, tips on building a portfolio, and approaching production houses.

Movie acting classes, philosophy incorporates several theatre-intensive exercises into its experiential learning processes such as robust role-playing, voice modulation, and mirror exercises. By inculcating movements from Kalaripayattu and Yakshagana, actors open up and become free to channel any role/voice through their bodies and minds.

Another unique feature of the movie acting classes is that it gears students to act for the camera. They are trained to become aware of how their movement appears on screen in a mid-shot, a close-up, an over-the-shoulder, a two-shot and so on. To tap into the raw potential of an acting student and turn it into the energy of an actor capable of performing in a leading role, individual attention is a must. The movie acting classes are specifically designed to nurture and groom each actor according to their specific strengths.

At the end of the course, students will be able to put their rigorous and disciplined approach to acting to test. They will rehearse for a play and act in a short film. While the drama rehearsals enable them to use the skills they’ve acquired their theatre skills in real time, the short film is a great platform to begin building their portfolio.

The course will feature faculty with close ties to the television and film industry.