Non-Linear Editing

May 09, 2018 Written by Ayushi histogram in DSLR


Non-Linear Editing…………….

Non-Linear Editing in films and television industry is a modern editing method which is able to access in any frame of the video clip in digital form and with same that the any other can do. Non-linear editing is a technique of “cut and past” theory generally used in filmmaking from the starting of the programs.

In non-linear editing, the video and audio data are firstly captured in the hard disk or any other digital devices. The data is recorded directly from the storage device or it is taken from some other related sources. After doing the previous process it can be edited from the computers by using the related software.  And there are many video editing software in the market which can be purchased from the concerned place.   

Nonlinear editing offers flexibility in film and video editing with a random access and easy project companies. In this kind programs the editing decision list made by directors or their subordinates, the editors can work on low-resolution copies of videos. Through nonlinear editing, the editing part of any kind makes it possible to edit both standard definition broadcast quality and high definition broadcast quality very quickly on normal computers. They do not have the power to do the full processing of the huge quality great resolution data in actual time.

 When we do non-linear editing on computers for video editing than usually they must have a video capture card to capture an analog video or they must have a firewire connection to capture digital videos from a DV camera with there updated software to process the program. There is various modern web-based editing system can take video directly from a camera phone over a GPRS or 3G mobile connection and editing can take place through a web browser interface, so strictly speaking a computer for video editing does not require any installed hardware or software beyond a web browser and an internet connection.

In non-linear editing, the cutting process of film videos made it originally a destructive in negative parts. Non-linear editing methods began to appear with the introduction of digital video technologies. It can also be viewed as the audio and video equivalent of word processing, which is why it is called desktop editing in the consumer space. In non-linear editing, the original source files are not lost or modified during the editing session. Professional editing software record the decisions of the editor in an edit decision list which can be interchanged with other editing tools.