Part-time Acting Course

May 28, 2018 Written by Ayushi Modeling Tutorial


Part-time Acting Course

The weekend acting course offered at acting academy is more like a part-time acting course offering basic as well as professional awareness and techniques necessary to excel. It is a comprehensive module designed, in such a way that, it includes not only acting sessions but also some key personality development courses like the public speaking and English speaking courses.

Acting is more of art than a simple study schedule. Therefore, theory, as well as practical coupled with theatrical experience, is needed for an individual aspiring to become a professional in the field.

Part-time the acting course is nothing but a fast-moving introduction to acting, incorporating all the basics through excellent exercises for the voice, mind, and body. Group and solo practice apply insights and skills acquired from exercises and projects.

It’s a short-term weekend course in acting that provides you with the basic training in significant aspects of the actor’s craft. The part-time acting course will equip candidates with an understanding of the basics of acting in film and theatre. The course is generally conducted in Hindi, with English for non-Hindi speakers.