May 28, 2018 Written by Ayushi Acting Workshop



A private acting lesson gives you an opportunity to get one-on-one attention and allows us to focus on your specific needs. Individual acting classes are also ideal for actors who want to nail an audition. If you are required to audition with your choice of monologues or scripts we’ll assist you in selecting a suitable audition piece that complements your acting type.

Private Acting Lessons are created with the specific young actor in mind. Instructors create lesson plans and tailor acting techniques to build on that particular student’s talents, stretch the student’s awareness, and bring the student to a deeper understanding of acting technique, choice, and preparation. Private acting lessons can also help prepare students for professional auditions, college auditions, and school play auditions. Private Acting Lessons are a unique and wonderful way to engage a young actor in a one-on-one setting and have a student focus just on his or her skills.

Acting World short courses and individual acting classes are designed to give participants a practical introduction to Stanislavsky Method Acting and Michael Chekhov Acting Technique. Acting World offers short acting courses and private acting classes in person & via Skype. These acting courses and classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced actors.