Jun 08, 2018 Written by prashasti Acting School



Anyone who has ever started a career in acting knows that there is a long road ahead. And we won’t lie—it is a rough path. But it’s also one filled with joyous achievements and artistic milestones if you’re passionate, dedicated, and willing to work at your craft.

Pursuing an acting career takes passion, dedication, and the willingness to share the spotlight. You might live in big cities and wait tables while you attend countless cattle calls (mass auditions) just to be considered for a small walk-on role.

While most big-name stars and aspiring actors alike do live and work in big cities, many actors can find work outside these hubs. Opportunities exist with regional theater companies, TV studios, radio stations, nightclubs, and even theme parks. A lot of hard work, patience,  struggle  is required.  Travel is often mandatory, and competition for acting positions for certain role is extremely high. Acting can be a tiring career both mentally and physically; actors usually spend hours at a time at repeated rehearsals and auditions. Rejection is continual for new actors starting their careers

 Professional acting Schools in India have gained quite popularity due to the high demand of potential actors in the film industry. CRAFT Film School offers Degree as well as Diploma Courses for students who are interested in acting and want to make a successful career in this field. Through our acting courses, students will be able to know what happens inside the media industry when you talk about acting.

CRAFT FILM SCHOOL, a professional film and television institute, is among the best professional acting school in India. It offers comprehensive range of degree and diploma courses with specializations in Cinematography, Filmmaking, TV Production, Direction, Editing, Photography and Acting.
So, reserve your seat in your desired mass media course before it gets filled up. The fee structure is 65000 and the duration of the course last for 6 months “LEARN BY DOING “is the main philosophy of the Center. Classes take place from 2:00-5:00 pm with 30 min tea break 5, days in a week. The total fee in lump sum mode is Rs.65, 000/. In installment method it becomes
Rs.70, 000/. The first installment is 50% of the total fee at the time of submitting the admission form and 25% as the 2nd installment has to be paid after one month from the date of commencement of the session. 

At CRAFT, the main purpose is to focus on exercises, workshops, master classes and productions, supported by critical and analytical study of the history and development of cinematography, which will give students a solid foundation in their future career. In this country, no acting course offers the “bachelor or master degree in acting/ or any other specialization media courses like direction, event management, editing ”.  Nor do the AICTE give any accreditation for any such specialized media courses. In fact, AICTE do not even understand the media courses and hence no P.G. professinal acting schools offers the degree program. All private / non-government institutions (like CRAFT) offer

one-year diploma programs. If you honestly ask, in the media industry nobody is concerned about your degree diploma/certificate. What they are looking at is your capability as event management/ director/cinematographer/ editor, your overall smart personality, good communication skills and understanding of your profession you have chosen.

So if you want to become an actor, enroll in professional acting school, CRAFT Film School.