May 31, 2018 Written by PA Famous Radio Jockey


Radio jockey training

Want to be the talk of the town? Then you must learn how to talk. People often misjudge you by the way you talk and present yourself at the same time some people make a different personality by their entertaining way of talking, thought process and humorous nature .So if you have such talent where you can talk to anyone with confidence and make them comfortable in interacting with you the what are you waiting for? This can be your profession and you can be successful in this.
CRAFT Film School offers you a 3 months certificate course on professional Radio jockey training where if you have the gift of the gab if your presence in an arena lights up the fire, if you have the spark to stand out and refuse to be a stereotype, then enrol yourself for a 3 months certificate course and fall in love with microphone,.
If you want to stand out then you must take a chance because CRAFT believes in dreaming.

From classroom radio jockey training to participating in professional radio events and film shootings, we at Dance Factory are committed to offer our students the best of radio jockey training  on one hand and the ideal platform to showcase their talent on the other, thus creating the perfect cycle of learning, performing and growing due to the hardworks we put in.