Recorder by ashish rai

Apr 24, 2018 Written by Ashish rai Sound Mixing



1. Recorders are made in different sizes with names and compasses roughly corresponding to different vocal ranges. The sizes most commonly in use today are the soprano 

2.The sound of the recorder is often described as clear and sweet, and has historically been associated with birds and shepherds. It is notable for its quick response and its corresponding ability to produce a wide variety of articulations.

3.The introduction of the Baroque recorder to England by a group of French professionals in 1673 popularized the French name for the instrument, "flute douce", or simply "flute", a name previously reserved for the transverse instrument. 

4. The Tascam DR-44WL is a decent upgrade from the previously mentioned DR-22WL. The built-in WiFi has the same functionality as the 22WL — but where it really shines is with the built-in stereo mic and dual XLR inputs. It also includes the ability to record four tracks of audio simultaneously.

5. The compact H5 Handy digital recorder from Zoom is capable of recording up to four tracks of audio. It also showcases an interchangeable modular microphone setup. While it comes with its own microphone module, it’s compatible with the H6 line of modules as well.

6. The Roland R-26 is a full six-channel digital field recorder. With its flexible and compact design, the R-26 is perfect for professional filmmakers who need a handy backup audio system. The recorder comes with a built-in omnidirectional mic, while also offering two XLR combo inputs. Its phantom power is a major plus, and the ease of use for the interface is a nice addition as well.

7.Zoom’s H6 Recorder is the current master of the handheld field recorder market. Used worldwide by award-winning documentary filmmakers, the H6 is a durable option for on-the-go recording. Its interface is extremely easy to use, its sound quality is high, and its ability to record up to four channels of audio simultaneously is a major plus.

8. The Marantz PMD661 MKII is a lower budget full professional field recorder. While not as robust as some of the other choices, it’s multi-track capabilities and ease of use interface make it a quality recorder.

9. Roland’s R-44 field recorder is a quality field recorder for independent videographers and filmmakers. It’s form factor, while not the easiest to navigate weighs less than 3 lbs making the recorder extremely lightweight. It also can record up to 4 channels of clear of audio, all while operating long periods of time due to it efficient power output.

10 Tascam’s HD-P2 is an incredibly lightweight 2-channel stereo field recorder. It’s sound quality and low distortion is a huge plus, however it’s use of Compact Flash and Microdrive storage is limited and can be a major drawback. It also boasts a wealth of functions and abilities, the only issue is that many of these functions tend to go unused.