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A film script is nothing but a verbal blueprint of a proposed film which indicates the order of events in a story, its dialogues and also the visual treatment and style. While it is possible to start making a film without a script, but it is impossible to complete a film without scripting it.

The screenplay is the basic backbone of all filmmaking. That's the reason we believe in learning-by-doing and students explore in depth the narrative short film format, from concept and character to dialogue. A proportion of your scripts are selected to go through intensive workshops (script editing and written feedback) until they are ready to go into production. Students learn early on in the script writing the course that in the film business “writing is rewriting” and so modeling industry practice takes priority during the development period

Script Writing Course

If you’re good enough to get in, this is probably the best scriptwriting course in the world.T his intensive training at films academy is intended to introduce script writing right from basics to screen adaptation of novels and stories along with scripting for theatre, radio, television, and films.

The most complex of all the arts — giving birth to an imaginary character.