Script writing workshop

Jun 05, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola creative writing tutorials


Script writing workshop


Workshop is a Training class or seminar in which the participants work individually and/or in groups to solve actual work related tasks to gain hands-on experience.

Scriptwriting is the fastest growing career option in the Indian film industry today! In the last couple of years, we have seen several films being commissioned simply because the scripts were well crafted. And these films went on to connect with the viewers and garnered box office success - reaffirming the fact that a good script can make a good film, today every producer, every studio is on the lookout for engaging scripts and writers.


Sometimes people are not very keen on attending courses of script writing, but they do have the passion for it. Sometimes their live schedule doesn’t allow them to study full time, in such cases workshop can be a great help, which is short term and full of knowledge, exposure and experience.

You need to know how to write a screenplay. These workshops are a step towards filling that gap. They have been designed for aspirants who wish to enter the field, as well as for those who have already done some initial work in it. 


Workshop is also something that are offered by film schools and colleges where students get to interact with industry professionals and get to learn and make contacts with big names in the industry.


Workshops duration varies from 3 days to one week. The things learned during this time are crisp and precise. Industry professionals share their personal experience look at you work, guide you through them and help you achieve you potential.


Colleges and film school these days regularly call industry professionals to give their students a extra dose of knowledge and experience. At craft film schools many big name like Rajpal yadav, varun badola , Herves Schiender have conducted workshops for acting, editing and many other courses.