scripting course

Jun 08, 2018 Written by prashasti creative writing institutes



Script is like soul and heart of the movie.

It's basically a structure of whole movie, with complete plots, characters and tone of the movie. It is different than the screenplay as screenplay  is final version that ultimately completes the movie.

Script also elaborates the tone and flavor of the movie along with the treatment.

When a writer writes an idea, and decides it to write it further; script is written first. It's kind of a draft for scripting, before you pin it down.

They are the starting point of the tender romance, terrifying action and memorable lines; all of these begin at the scriptwriter’s desk.

In a radio or TV series it is normal to have a team working on episodes that have a tight brief, so there is little room for creative writing outside of that brief
It is also common to have writers who are good at developing storylines, and others good at writing dialogue
In animated, slide shows, and the like, the designers and various artist may also add to the scripts by suggesting visual approaches that reinforce the text or voice over

Scripting courses teach you, how craft your own script, proofreading, editing of script, the foundations of script writing. Understanding how storytelling in Film is different from other media, how to create cinematic characters, understanding the classical three-act structure of film, how to brainstorm and develop your story.

Students learn how to develop the story further using different tools of plotting, understanding the importance of structure in a film, and focusing on how scenes are created and how they come together to function as one organic whole.



If anybody has interest in studying scripting course, then they should join a film school or college that offers scripting courses as it will help them polish their writing skills, help them meet new people, make contacts that can be of great help. Studying under a trained faculty and working closely with industry professionals is what script writing courses offer.

You not only get to meet them but also get the opportunity to interact with them, this kind of an opportunity come as an advantage of you being affiliated to a certain script writing Course.

Many colleges and film school today offer script writing courses, one can do either a one-year diploma course or can go for a 3 or 6-month certificate course. There is no age to become a script writer but the more early you start the more you will get to experience in the field.

Colleges like the Delhi school of communication, Craft Film School, film and television institute of India, digital academy etc, provide courses that specialize in script writing.

Experienced teachers understand this and will help guide you towards finding your unique writer’s voice. Once you join to Scripting courses, you will realize that vibrant classrooms and interactive sessions are exactly what you need to begin your journey as a writer. The course is, however, not aimed at those wishing to improve their academic or technical writing.

Students are exposed to sessions and workshops with guest lectures from professionals working in the industry. 

Though many people start their career straight without a degree and plan to learn on the job, but a job like scriptwriting can only get better when one has at least a few basics about the industry clear before he/she enter the industry. Here they can take risk, make contacts and all this shall be of advantage to them when working as a scriptwriter.