Sound engineering short course

Jun 05, 2018 Written by Ayushi Location Microphones


Sound engineering short course

Sound Engineering is a mix of Technical and creative education in Sound and Music. Here we train the students not only to understand the technicalities of Sound but also help their creative abilities to make music professionally! Every student here is duly trained to handle the intricacies of sound recording, editing, and mixing. The creative talent of the students is honed and sharpened to make them face the world of audio engineering hands-on and with full expertise

The Sound engineering short course prepares you for the professional sound engineering career in the entertainment industry. India is expected to be among the top 10 Entertainment & Media markets in the world by 2021. The steady demand for a wide variety of digital content will drive a consistent need for highly skilled sound engineers, and the industry offers very lucrative career possibilities going forward.

The Sound engineering short course involves structured and progressive learning of core sound engineering skills in studio sound, live concert sound, and sound for visuals (film, TV, games, etc.) along with contextual studies of music and global practices in the entertainment business. The sound engineering modules are certified, a global leader in professional audio technology solutions. The course also integrates Avid (world leader in audio and video software solutions for media and music) Pro Tools 100 level curriculum that gives you global recognition as an Avid certified audio professional.

In sound engineering short course, you will be introduced to an overview of the history of recording technology, media consumption formats, and the concept of multi-track analog and digital tape recording. You will then engage in an in-depth study of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) basics and computer technology, major DAW platforms, their capabilities and preferred applications. This module integrates the Avid Pro Tools 101 curriculum with hands-on practice and practical assignments, and at the end of the module, you will complete the Pro Tools 101 online examination from Avid to qualify for a PT101 certificate.

This sound engineering short course is aimed at the entry-level student looking for an introduction to sound engineering. Practical and hands-on, it is based on our longer Sound Engineering certificate course and gives you a thorough and comprehensive overview of sound engineering techniques over a 5 day period.