The career in Film Editing in India

Jun 11, 2018 Written by Ayushi Music Video Editing


The career in Film Editing in India


People who are wishing to pursue their career in Film Editing in India, the subject video editing is one among the best for creative people. To pursue the career in film editing in India one not require any specific knowledge to enter into the felid open for all creative and imaginative people.

Since this is highly competitive the editor should be ready and need alter for tough competition. However for getting a good career in film editing in India, one should complete the course on film editing form a good institute to achieve good job opportunity.

The career in film editing in India can make a very nice living if they are talented and put in the time. But it can take years to get there, and a lot of chance. I've got several friends who are top Bollywood editors and they spent years struggling to get work before becoming sought-after names. There is a lot of competition and an editor's success may initially be tied to a good working relationship with a successful editor.

First, editing is hard work and requires years of training. But it is something that anyone can prove their talent in just by doing it. And there are a lot of venues for employment from live TV to commercials to industrials to documentary to indie features to scripting or reality TV to studio features… and there are lots of online markets, too. Plenty of places to ply the trade.

Video and film is a creative field so there's a lot of competition. Networking and collaboration skills are essential. Editing is about storytelling.

He will also need to become experienced in the other aspects of pre-production and production as well as post-production while starting off so he should be interested in learning those aspects as well.

Is it a “good career”? Well, if he's passionate about it and more interested in the art and craft of it rather than expecting big paycheques, then sure. Not saying it doesn't pay well, but creative fields tend to rely more on getting gigs through who you know and then being able to deliver. It requires years of hustle.