Training in Editing

Jun 11, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola Editing Institutes


In essence editing forms a crucial part of filmmaking and calls for immense knowledge of film grammar and storytelling techniques. Training in Editing is very important; one must have a good knowledge about the basics and advances of editing. Remarkably technical yet exceedingly artistic, a career in television and film editing is both creative and monetarily satisfying.

Training in editing is much in demand now days for the student wish to become video editors for this fascinating industry. To achieve this video editing skills one need to learn all this aspects thoroughly in the video-editing course, they need to get the in-depth training and learning.


Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, Zee Institute of Media Arts, Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, School of Arts, Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute are few institution where training in editing is done.

They provide diploma and PG diploma in Video editing. The duration varies from 6 months to one year.

These institutions teach students about various software’s that are used for editing. Students are asked to edit films and commercials as their assignments. Color correction, video clip transition, cut and paste at the right place, background score placement are few of the many things that are taught by institutions when someone is training in editing.

Students get to attend various workshops and class sessions with various editors who work in films and television as editors. These people guide students and also give out some pointers they have learned in their life. Students are also send out for internships and some get to work under professional editors, with them they get more practical experience about the world of editing, they will get to see how the editor is working and handling so many things while working. Students not only gain theoretical but also practical experience. 


Post their course completion; students can go into various fields for editing, TV News Video Editing, Professional Video Editing, Wedding Video Editing one has many options to go with.