Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi

Jun 12, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola weeding planing institutes



Wedding Planning is the profession, which involves Design, Planning and management of Client’s Wedding. The demand for these courses is increasing these days because of its career opportunities. There are many wedding planner institute in Delhi. Many wedding planners are trained as event planners and then they specialize in wedding planning


Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi, not only teaches you the skills you need to plan any event, it teaches you the business aspects of planning as well.


This is a known fact in all over world that the Wedding Planning courses are the most demanding and one of the most talked professions in now days. Wedding Planning now is turning into a major profession chosen by students who have a knack for creativity and good management skills. Wedding planner institute in Delhi, covers all the required elements of wedding planning starting from the basics like choosing a venue, theme based decor, designing stage and an extensive food and entertainment provided, gives in depth knowledge to the student about the Wedding Decor, Stage Management, Production, Catering, and Florist work.


Impact education institute of event management, Delhi school of event management, Craft Film School, Tritya Institute of event management are a few of the wedding planner institute in Delhi. They provide certificate courses and diploma courses in wedding planning. The duration of the course in most of these institutes are 1- 3 months. It is considered as a short course. One can pursue it during there free time if they have interest in wedding planning or event planning, they will learn about the industry and make contacts in the institutions. There is a lot of competition in wedding planning and event industry a degree in such courses can provide you a little edge over those who plan to learn on the job.


One can always enroll themselves into one of these institutions and start their wedding planning course.