Wedding Video Editing Course in Delhi

Jun 11, 2018 Written by Ayushi Editing Softwares


Wedding Video Editing Course in Delhi

It is a very intuitive short-term wedding video editing course in Delhi, it covers all the basics of Video Graphics and Non-Linear Editing (NLE) including Audio Designing, Digital Painting, Matte Painting, and video file formats etc. Our institute recommends this course for Small Office – Small Home (SOHO) users. It covers all the aspects of wedding video editing course in Delhi and audio editing. This post-production standard course is a short-term wedding video editing course in Delhi comprises two volumes. The first volume of this short-term post-production standard course covers designing of video graphics and publishing in the concerned video editing software and the second volume of the course deals with the Audio & Video Editing and Outputting.

If shooting a film is an important part while making a film, the video editing part too plays a vital role in processing and finalizing a video movie. The art of video editing is no longer is hidden art as it was the case before, it is now a very well-known fact and the essence of Film Making. It is the video Editor who makes the final decision about what is essential and what is not while making the film. It is through the art of video editing that enables you to control the rhythm and pace of a movie.

. We offer training on the latest software of video editing such as FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Students will be taught the basic to advance of video editing for film and televisions. Video editing is the process by which we can edit the different segments of video footage, special effects, and sound recordings. We are a renowned name in the field of providing top-quality courses and students can really trust us.

The Main objective of this wedding video editing course in Delhi is to produce internationally standard video editors that would be able to work anywhere in the world as video editors and compositors either as a freelance video editor or with a video editing studio. This course uses the most popular software in teaching both video and audio editing to increase the student’s employability with a flexible schedule laced with team projects, seminars, assignments and portfolio development. The Advanced Certification course in Audio/Video Editing and compositing is a 100% practical course.

Learning Outcomes