Weekend acting classes

Jun 08, 2018 Written by Harshit Acting School


Weekend acting classes

Like any other creative art is so much craft. A performing artist needs to figure out how to breathe, how to move, how to use his voice and how to relax, all these things are being practiced in the weekend acting classes. An actor requires the training of an athlete only to be told that his objective is not the winning of a hundred meters race.

After he has experienced every one of the activities that dramatization schools stipulate, he needs the experience of assembling everything together in front of an audience.

Believe that would-be actors and actresses should be made aware of all the different schools of acting. They can then choose which approach best suits their temperament.

The weekend acting classes specifically centres on helping students to discover the actor in them and provides them with a thorough foundation of acting skills with a specific focus in helping them understand the basic techniques involved in developing their acting skills. The weekend workshop is advantageously designed to fit into their weekly schedule by committing the student to classes only on weekends is for everybody from professionals to students, serious actors and acting students. Those who can find time on the weekends and want to learn the basics of stagecraft and acting, this Weekend acting classes are perfect for them.

Spread over 6 weekends (12 sessions), it starts from the basics of story-development, play-writing, design and direction and moves on to focus on the craft of acting. Aside from acting, the workshop offers a rich mix of theatre activities, readings, analysis, discussions, and performances.

During the course, participants will get free video and photographs of their performance, along with a certificate. 

Our weekend acting certification course is nothing but a fast-moving introduction to acting, joining every one of the nuts and bolts through incredible activities for the voice, brain and body. Group and solo practice apply insights and skills acquired from exercises and projects.

It’s a short-term weekend course in acting that furnishes you with the basic training in significant aspects of the actor’s craft. The course will equip candidates with an understanding of the basics of acting in film and theatre. The course is generally conducted in Hindi, with English for non-Hindi speakers.