What is cinematography?

Jun 08, 2018 Written by Harshit Cinematography Appreciation


What is cinematography?

Most of the time I come across to the people asking what is Cinematography? Basically, it is the term generally utilized as a part of filmmaking. It is mainly the process of creating picture images in motion. The style and the special effects related to cinematography are totally different and unique, and it is the reason for which many people consider this to be an art. Truth be told, the style that is considered to be one of the major building blocks for creating the image of a film. The style is totally fair-minded or unsponsored, and it is largely up to the cinematographers that determine the style that they will utilize.

The Combination of Time and Speed:

The combination of time and speed is thought to be a critical factor in cinematography. There are wide varieties of tools that are used for narrative storytelling, and if the speed and the time are not controlled in an appropriate manner, things will definitely not turn out to be fruitful. In addition to that, the intensity of image recording can also bring about wide varieties of effects because irrespective of the rates of capturing, they are constantly played at a consistent speed. In addition to that, while manipulation of time and speed is combined, editing also occupies a great significance.

The Movements of Cameras:

Actually, just by watching cinemas and coping the experts, one cannot know the whole aspects of cinematography. It is very essential to know the basics, and the basics are very much related to the movement of the cameras. There are additionally extraordinary terms utilized for various types of shots, and until and unless you are well aware of these shots, it will not be easy for you to express your skill.

For instance, pan is a term that is generally used when the camera stays at one spot and there is only movement of the lens right and left, while there is just up and down movement of the lens in case of tilt. In pedestal, the entire camera moves up and down however, the lens remain at the same angle. There are several similar terms associated with cameras and shots, and you should develop a keen understanding of these ideas to know about cinematography, as a whole.

Technology and New Evolution:

With the advancement of technology, there is an awesome variety in the kinds of lens, the nature of lights and other things used for shooting a film. In fact, as of now, it is largely seen as the combination of videography as well as digital media that has popularized the whole idea of cinematography and this in turn, has led to the emergence of the concept of digital cinematography. Most cinemas made today are to a great extent in view of the computerized media. In the past the cinematographers in Hollywood defined cinematography mainly as the art of telling or narrating stories and keep the attention of the audience wrapped in the narratives. Modulation was the key to this form of art because with the change in the stories, there should also be a modulation of the styles adopted. Actually, the craft of cinematography can be considered to be best when there is a smooth move from drama to romance to action and comedy without distracting the moods of the audiences. In addition to that, the images are also developed in such a manner, so that the right tone of the story can be made independent of the variations in mood.