Writing courses

Jun 08, 2018 Written by Megha Bhadola creative writing institutes



If you are a scribbler, a secret diarist or a would-be journalist, then writing courses is the right thing for you. Many people like to write down what they feel or experience. Many people enjoy siting and writing fantasy stories or things the enjoy writing about. But like any other skill one has to polish it in order to make it a profession.  


Writing Courses content covers fiction, short stories, poetry and dialogue. You can also learn how to write feature articles, screenplays, and news reports, travel writing etc. these courses are specifically designed for those who wish to write creatively but appropriate guidance is what they are lacking to realize their dreams.


Experienced teachers understands the need of the student and will help guide the, towards finding your unique writer’s voice. Once you join any of the writing courses class you will realize that vibrant classrooms and interactive sessions are exactly what you need to begin your journey as a writer and those wishing to improve their academic or technical writing will gain more experience once they study under a professional faculty, who have years of experience who shall guide you towards your journey of becoming a better and successful writer.


Few of the many Institutions that provide Writing Courses are - Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Delhi, Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, Craft film school, Delhi, British Council, Delhi and Kolkata etc.


These courses are as long as 6 months and as short as 2 months. All institutions have different faculty, teaching style, guest faculties but the aims in for students to widen their horizon and understand their writing capabilities. Students will be taught how to make quality content and how to make your content the hero.


A good writing class will motivate you to actually write. This will come in the form of doing writing exercises in class or by being prompted by discussions in-class to go home and write. There is plenty you can learn from reading books, but a good teacher or facilitator can direct you towards areas that you might need to focus on, or address certain issues you might have. It’s sort of like having a tour guide – even though you can get where you need to be by wandering alone, it helps to have someone to ask for directions.

Another advantage of writing class is to get feedback on your work. This is incredibly helpful – it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and aids you in figuring out how to develop your subsequent drafts.

Finally, a writing class puts you in touch with other people who are doing the same thing you’re doing – writing, or trying to, being in contact with other writers keeps you focused and reminds you that it is something that people do fit into their daily lives. It’s another way of taking your writing seriously and reminding yourself that it does take work to become a writer, a good writer!