Broadcast Journalism Program

  • May 09, 2018
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Broadcast Journalism Program

The Broadcast Journalism course program will emphasis basically on honing skills required to produce special reports in the documentary form for the media industry. The students of Broadcast Journalism program in India will also be exposed to the nuances of sound and to the aesthetics of mixing and editing. The students of Broadcast Journalism program will also be involved in regular coursework as reporters, camera persons, editors, writers, and producers, using highly sophisticated TV production equipment and editing software. Students of Broadcast Journalism program in India will be involved in regular coursework as reporters, editors, writers, and producers using sophisticated equipment and editing software. Broadcast Journalism program gives the education to learn the basic radio production skills, report and record events as they happen, moderate discussions, interview people and produce programs as per information available. It will analyze the technology and methods used in covering news events and the relationships with news consumers. Radio Journalism students will discover the magic of the medium-and its endless possibilities given the convergence of various technologies in Broadcast Journalism program. While the emphasis of this course is not on actual shooting and editing, students are encouraged to develop the story suitable for broadcast outlets. Broadcast Journalism program is a comprehensive program which will also explore the management structures, procedures, policies and goals of television news broadcasting operations. Through broadcast journalism program you will discover and master the best techniques of writing and editing broadcast news materials. The Broadcast Journalism program involves a lot of analysis and teaches the student how to develop the concept through research, structure, writing, interviewing, technical production and presentation. Broadcast Journalism program gives students the skills of writing to pictures and narrating stories in a variety of formats, including breaking news, news feature, documentary, and news magazine. Broadcast Journalism program welcomes the students to an exciting, entertaining, and informative world of Broadcast Journalism. The Broadcast Journalism program is a requirement for those concentrating in journalism. Students learn reporting and writing techniques applied in television by adapting reporting assignment course. The program of broadcast journalism in India will also help you explore the world of longer-format programs like documentaries and features. Through Broadcast Journalism program, the students will learn the basics of television and radio reporting skills, shoot and record interviews and news stories, and also get an insight into nuances of editing and news presentation techniques. The Broadcast Journalism program in India will also incorporate the following core courses and electives. It also includes reporting and writing for television through media industry.

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